Get some faith, hope, love
Gotta’get us some faith, hope, love

The best things in life never come so easy
Some days tell us this more loudly than others
Determined to make it may seem so gainly
Just mind the toes of your sisters and brothers


Just manage to put one foot in front of the other
No matter how tired and weary you are
Don’t be looking for a free ride or fair weather
When you turn around, you will have come so far


Dig deep down, then dig a little deeper
Never you mind the naysayers, they’re just all talk
Never assume the truth of dreams of leisure
“There are no paths - you must walk”



Well, all the days, they go by in a blur 

All on our knees, bow to the allure 

And entertained and distracted by lies,  
To busy to look in to each other eyes 


Bigger, better, better more

“Extreme” is now for sure
brighter lights, faster cars

never look up, to the stars

Hear it comin’, comin’ on

the Will of only the strong, and stronger

Better hunker, hunker down

Better get on, get out of town
Might want to get underground

All safe and sound staring at all our phones

All lost in bliss, in a din of drones

All we like bugs drawn in to the blue light

We lose ourselves in the digital blight


With smaller minds, set aside our souls 

and we’re all in, lead by remote control 

Necks at 45 and contorted forms 

(all kuckle-draggin’, mouth-breathers) 

All for the new, bigger, better norms  



Calculated machinations
Constant grinding and gear changing

Go away, stay away, keep away,
let me wrench and twist away
Let me drown in waves of acquiescence

Analyze me down to atoms
Reduce me to less than human

Go away, stay away, keep away,
let me wrench and twist away
Let me drown in waves of acquiescence
Ride the tones, danger zone,
shake and rattle and beat my bones
Deafened, defeated,
drawn in by irrational brilliance

calm me, rile me, love me, revile me
calm me, rile me, love me, revile me
Can't feel anything worth living

Go away, stay away, keep away,
let me wrench and twist away
Pathologized to the point of disintegration
Ride the tones, danger zones,
shake and rattle and beat my bones
Castigation through gentle poetic deflection

Come and see me Katie
Let me spend some time with you
Such a pretty lady
From your tip top to your shoes

All dressed up in blue

Now what is this a'man gonna do?
With those kinds of curves

I’ll give you all you deserve

Talk a while with me Katie
tell me how all the boys love you
Now I ain't talkin' nothin' shady
To which one will you say "I do"?

from your head to you toes

I think I'm gonna need a five alarm hose
for the burn in' fire that I got, 

cause honey you’re just to damn hot

Let me love you Katie
After waxin' politics  
Get through all the maybes
Even if you want it for kicks

From your eyes down your thighs

Honey, it ain't no surprise
Pout’in your lips, sway’in your hips, 

Can’t you see I'm doin' back flips?

Cause I love you Katie…

Exceptional, Sensual Quintessence
Unequivocal, Irredescent Vexation
Exquisit and Lovely, Amy
Picture of Beauty  

I capture your glance
And another, how peculiar…
I step over, possibly a chance
My senses are not so clear

Your voice becomes my muse
Your eyes, my rapture
Your hair, my ocean
Your scent, my enchantment
Amy, Picture of Beauty

The fabric wraps just so
And drapes you enticingly
And sways with your motion
Flowing so effortlessly

Your face becomes my sun
Your skin my rain
Your form, my terra firma
Your mind, my fire

Exceptional, Sensual Quintessence
Unequivocal, Iridescent Vexation
Exquisite and Lovely, Amy…


Some Bengal Spice, and everything nice
Two Candles and Coltrane will do more that suffice
Shadows of my yesterdays, I'll never miss
When I can hear you laugh and sweetly reminisce

I could have a cloudy day, howling out a bluesy tune
But you blow it all away, leaving me with high noon
Just Venus, and a crescent moon
Dream time, with you on my mind
It's high noon

What really keeps you from sleeping
You know I never want to see you weeping
Why did you really need me to come over?
Maybe to spend some sweet time with one another?


Totally bewitched by your peculiar ways
I wonder what you think with each passing day
Cool off and let you go, maybe I should
I'd rather give us each other, like real lovers would


Don't want to save anyone,
and I need no savin’
Don’t want to need someone,
And had enough of cavin’
Got no time for drama,
save to treat my own muse
Cause every second I live,
it’s another I lose

I blew the river dam
And saw the levee break
To remake what I am
I’ll set the sky on fire
Make the ground a’shimmie-shake
I’m lightning in wire

Had to do a lot of digging,
to uncover the roots
To my shame and chagrin,
I found evil in cahoots
So I went to a preacher
and brother Sigmund as well
Got myself together,
and came out of my shell

My star rose
My star rose

My eyes overwhelm with joy, now,
because it’s life that I lust
Ya’know, Time is not a toy now,
the journey ends in dust
With the wind at my back,
there’s no time to delay
Can’t be bothered with what I lack,
cause my star rose today?



I tap my tab, and see if you’re on               
And if you’ll save me from my singularity
It’s 1 am, and you finally logon
Could you be my new reality?

You’re just so coy, so clever, and way too cute
Scepter of loneliness ushers me in
What will I read, what will you shoot

Tap your tab, and you in invite me in          
And tempt me with your‘lectrostatic touch
It’s 2 am, and we just begin
And in my hand, your words I clutch

You’re just so coy, so clever, and way too cute
Scepter of loneliness ushers me in
What will I read, what will you shoot

Drifting in the hollow blue light
Floating in the electric gutter
Couple words will sooth me and delight
Ya’log off and leave me with neither.

Common now, hit me back
Lost in this ether-scene
Common now, hit me back
Be cyber morphine

Com’on baby, I’m still logged on                  
Leaving me like this seems such a sin
It’s 3am, and I’m so far gone
No matter, delirium does me in


Common now, hit me back
Lost in this ether-scene
Common now, hit me back
Be my cyber morphine


Can’t reconcile what’s in my head
Apprehension overwhelms me
Wide awake in night sweat terror
Mind is raked raw, functions no more

Let me drown in oblivion
Nothingness at its inception
As I breathe my last breath

Self-lacerate, skeletal grin
Wrap me in film, seal me so tight
Red river rush, trip in the dark
Love me in death, turn out the light

I drift away from the cliff
A subtle change, a minor shift
As I breathe my last breath

Disengage what is so all wrong
Let the wild wind sing my swan song
Drop the damn rope, let yourself go
Regain my mind and then my soul

My tears have filled the sea
My rage has shaken earth
Fear belied existence
My soul slept, forsaken
But now I awaken
My eyes are wide open
Turn to face my maker   
The Sublime in all terror