California Tableaux
Tableaux I: Songs, Stories, 
Prayers, and a Plate of Brass
Through music, spoken work, video, and dance, California Tableaux dramatically presents pivotal inter-sections of race in California since the late 16th Century.  With a libretto assembled as a pastiche of murderous short stories, tall tales, poetry that dreams of new worlds, and folk, pop, and native songs, the opera interrogates and celebrates California's cultural collisions, conflicts, and mixtures, from Sir Francis Drake's alleged landing in Marin County, to our time of scapegoating, racist immigration policy, and erecting walls on our southern border.  Tableaux I will be premiered at UC Davis in the spring of 2018.

The audio below represents a little over 17 minutes of the first act realized with 'plugin' instruments and myself  providing all vocal and guitar parts.

For further interest, please visit the 
California Tableaux Project

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California Tableaux Project 
Trailer (long)


Mixtures~Crossfades~Foci (2013)
for two guitars


'Bout Damn Time

Horse Thieves: 
'Bout Damn Time 
(released July, 2016)

Released this past July, 'Bout Damn Time is a new album of 'prog' and 'new' rock music. I have produced everything on the album: compositions, guitar parts, vocal parts, programming (drums, bass and keys), mixing, editing, and mastering.   Please feel free to scroll through the track list and audition the songs.  I will be playing this out in 2017 with my power trio, Horse Thieves. There are no scores/charts available for the album, so please enjoy just listening.