California Tableaux
Tableau I: Songs, Stories, 
Prayers, and a Plate of Brass (2017)
Through music, spoken work, video, and dance, California Tableaux dramatically presents pivotal inter-sections of race in California since the late 16th Century.  With a libretto assembled as a pastiche of murderous short stories, tall tales, poetry that dreams of new worlds, and folk, pop, and native songs, the opera interrogates and celebrates California's cultural collisions, conflicts, and mixtures, from Sir Francis Drake's alleged landing in Marin County, to our time of scapegoating, racist immigration policy, and erecting walls on our southern border.  Tableaux I will be premiered at UC Davis in the spring of 2018.

The audio below represents a little over 17 min. of Tableau I (Synopsis)  
realized with plugin instruments and myself  providing all vocal and guitar parts.

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Trailer (long)

Mixtures~Crossfades~Foci (2013)


This piece presents blues, jazz, and folk that sound singularly, coexist, or blend.  These 'musics' are sometimes mixed and deconstructed in a way that makes them sound radically different.  For example, one of the central 'licks' of the piece borrows a refrain from a Chilean folk song ("Jugete de Amor") which may have been sung by a sailor (bemoaning his lover's toying with his heart) while leaving port from Chile on the way to the California Gold Rush.  Sometimes this lick is turned into a groove.  Other times, the lick serves as the punctuation of a section.  At the end, the lick is re-contextualized to sound as if two dobro guitar players are playing the melody in hocket.  The video below is a performance at the  2014 SoundOn festival in La Jolla, CA.   I perform with my duo partner, Colin McAllister.  We are the McAllister Keller Duo.  

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Impositions and Consequences
(released on Tzadik, 2007) 

Impositions and Consequences was commissioned by John Zorn. It is the title track on an album of my music released on his label in 2007.  For soprano, tenor, bari sax, e-gtr., bass, keyboards, and drums, I present three distinct musical realms that inhabit what most listeners might hear as heavy metal, jazz-fusion, and opera.  While some of the movements explore one style in depth, the others realize the consequences that have been imposed on one another.  This piece not only blurs the distinctions between the 'hi-lo' aesthetic divide, it also interweaves and fuses together the most compelling qualities without minimizing their respective histories and traditions.

PDF of SCORE - 14'