The Modular Music Project is a developing series of works that explores modular compositions that break the 'fourth wall' of concert music performance.  The developing series will utilize real time interactivity between computers, mobile devices and instant messaging ‘apps’ to create music along the deterministic – improvisational – aleatoric continuum.  In this project I seek to create ‘living’ multimedia works through communicative flexibility between myself, the performers and the audience to address socio-political challenges of our contemporary moment.  
On March 19th, Colin McAlllister gave the world premiere of the first piece in the series, The End Times Are a'Changin', for solo guitar and socio-multimedia at
Through a Glass Darkly: Second Annual UCCS Symposium on Apocalytic on the campus of University of Colorado, Colorado Springs at the 
Heller Center 
for Arts & Humanities.


The End Times are a'Changin'
for solo guitar and optional
socio-multimedia accompaniment
12-16' PDF - for accompaniment and explanation thereof, please contact me.

currently composing: 

Liminal Spaces - for alto saxophone and guitar - the world premiere is anticipated at the World Saxophone Congress in Croatia, July 7, 2018.

(Untitled) - for chamber ensemble (flute, clarinet, piano, percussion, violin, and cello)

O Mensch! Gib acht! - for chamber choir 


The content here represents works that I have been composing as part of a large scale multimedia project entitled California Tableaux (CT).  CT is a multimedia work that synthesizes music, spoken word, video, and dance to look at California's culture mixtures, from Sir Francis Drake's landing on the Marin County coast in 1579, to our contemporary moment of rampant racist immigration policy and newly erected walls on the US-Mexico border. 


Mixtures~Crossfades~Foci (2013)
for two guitars

California Tableaux - 'club version' (2011)
Book for complete performance

California Dreamin' (2008)
for amplified cello, piano, 
and percussion
16.5' PDF 

Flight and Revelation (2006)
for choir and jazz/rock quartet - 10' PDF
Performed here by Cantoria
 Truman @ State University
(for an audio recording of this piece, see the 'Catalog' page and find it in the 'Large Ensemble' soundcloud playlist)


The content here constitutes the Fear Ego Love Project. The first piece is the premier performance of Fear Ego Love (2004), a piece for mixed instruments, rock band, and chamber choir. Fear Love Ego addresses the idea of the self undergoing an emotional and intellectual transformation through a process of uncovering and reacting to the ill effects of fear while searching for and gravitating towards the more humanistic qualities of love. 


Fear Ego Love (2004)
for choir, mixed instruments, and rock band
37' PDF

Fear...Ever Present (2004)
for amplified flute, guitar, cello, percussion, and voices 
13' PDF

Attitudes...Assumptions Shattered (2003-04)
for drum set solo
14' PDF

Love...Aspiringly (2002)
for choir a cappella
8.5' PDF