The video playlist, audio player, and PDFs of scores represent works that I have been composing as part of a large scale multimedia project entitled California Tableaux.  California Tableaux is a multimedia work that synthesizes music, spoken word, video, and dance to look at California's culture mixtures, from Sir Francis Drake's landing on the Marin County coast in 1579, to our contemporary moment of rampant racist immigration policy and newly erected walls on the US-Mexico border.  Drawing on post Gold Rush short stories, early California history, re-framing of popular song (such as “Immigrant Song” by Led Zeppelin), arrangements of multinational folk songs, and poetry by Sacramento’s Brad Buchanan (his piece, “Sir Francis Drake at Tomales bay”), this project is aimed at counteracting continuing historical amnesia that actively forgets that California was once Native land, then invaded, then finally occupied, farmed, mined, and worked by Mexican, Mestizo, Chinese, Chilean, Peruvian, French, German, and African American peoples. For this project, I have been conducting research at the  Phoebe Apperson Hearst Museum of Anthropology, The Bancroft, CSUS Library, UCD Library, The Historical Center of Sacramento, and the Library of Congress, and I have worked with the Central Valley Miwok Tribe.

Mixtures~Crossfades~Foci (2008 /13)
for two guitars - 17' PDF

California Tableaux - 'club version'
Book for complete performance - 70' PDF

California Dreamin' (2008)
for amplified cello, piano, 
and percussion - 16.5' PDF 

Flight and Revelation (2006)
for choir and jazz/rock quartet - 10' PDF 
Performed here by Cantoria Choir, 
Truman State University (MO) 2007
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