The audio/visual players contain performances of works that constitute the Fear Ego Love Project. The audio players (below the video player) is the premier performance of Fear Ego Love  (2004), a piece for a quartet of mixed instruments, a rock band, and a mixed chamber choir. In this music I explore coexistence, intermingling, and hybridity with the following genres:  avant garde, rock, and choral musics.  In Fear Ego Love, each of the amplified ensemble has a metaphorical meaning:  the mixed quartet – fear; the rock band – ego; the choir – love. Over its course, the structure of the work yields a cyclic alternation through the ensembles.  Where the rock band’s participation is steady throughout, the quartet’s degree of influence on the rock band decreases while the choir’s increases.  “Degree of influence” means both the amount of time that the quartet and choir participate, and the sonorous influence on the rock band’s musical reactions to or interactions with the other ensembles. Metaphorically, Fear Love Ego addresses the idea of the self undergoing an emotional and intellectual transformation through a process of uncovering and reacting to the ill effects of fear while searching for and gravitating towards the more humanistic qualities of love. With the formal process and the ensembles’ metaphorical connotations in mind, the ego succeeds in this transformation.
The video player contains a playlist of videos of musical scores synchronized with performances of the chamber works that I composed while conceptualizing the the Fear Ego Love. Each chamber work explores the content for each of aforementioned genres in a more focused manner.

Fear Ego Love (2004)
(first half)
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(second half)
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Fear Ego Love (2004)
for mixed instruments, choir, and rock band  - PDF of full score

Fear...Ever Present (2004)
for amplified flute, guitar, cello, percussion and voices PDF of full score

Attitudes...Assumptions Shattered (2003-04)
for drum set solo - PDF of full score

Love...Aspiringly (2002)
for choir a cappella - PDF of full score