ORCHESTRA AND CHOIR ( * indicates a commissioned work)

* Procession, Consolation, & Jubilation: Three Medieval Songs  (1995) for choir, soloists, and small  orchestra

          27, 28 Apr. 1996.   Athens Master Choral in Concert, Joseph Napoli, dir., Morton Theater, Athens, GA.


* Flight and Revelation (2006) for mixed choir and jazz/rock quartet

          26 Oct. 2006          Cantoria, Truman State University, Kirksville, MO.

Fear Ego Love (2003-04) for amplified mixed quartet, rock band and chamber choir.

          11 June 2004         Dissertation Premier Concert, UCSD.

Eruptive Plains (1999) for winds, percussion and piano.

           24 Jan. 1999          Composition Juries, UCSD.