SOLO (* indicates a commissioned work)

* Attitudes…Assumptions Shattered  (Fall 2002, Summer 2003) for drum kit solo.

           5 May 2007          Jared Twenty senior recital, Oberlin Conservatory, Oberlin, OH.

       28 May 2004        SPRING 2004 Festival of Music, UCSD.

           5 May 2007          Jared Twenty senior recital, Oberlin Conservatory, Oberlin, OH.

* Dream States and Alter Egos, for soprano saxophone (1997).

           6 May 1998         Doctoral Composition Recital, UGA.

           25 Mar 1998        North American Saxophone Alliance, National Convention, Northwestern University.

           20 Feb. 1998       Society of Composers, Inc. Region IV Conference, Atlanta, GA.       

Three Pieces for Piano (1996).

           6 May 1996         Masters Composition Recital, UGA.


Untitled - for solo guitar, computer, and social media

                      19-20 Mar. 2018  Premiere by Colin McAllister at Through a Glass Darkly Symposium on Apocalyptic Thought
                                               University of Colorado, Colorado Springs  

     20 Mule Team (2008) for solo performer and interactive computer

          21 Sep. 2008         Sacramento World Music and Dance Festival, Old Town, Sacramento, CA

          2 Aug. 2008                In the Flow Festival, Truelove Coffee House, Sacramento, CA.

Attitudes…Self-reflection (Spring 2003) (solo version) for electric guitar and interactive computer accompaniment.

          24 Jun. 2008          Derek Keller, Wet Ink Festival of New Music, Grass Valley, CA.

        9 May 2008           MacAllister and Keller Guitar Duo, Danville College, Danville, IL.

          27 Oct. 2006              New Music Festival 2006, Truman State University, Kirksville, MO.

          28 Jun. 2005               SDSU Summer Avant Garde Performance Series, San Diego, CA.

          12 Nov. 2004             Butterfly Effect III, Athens, GA.

          10 Nov. 2004             1st Annual Electronic Music Concert, New Music Week, UGA.

          30 Jan. 2004               Fourth Annual All Grad Symposium, UCSD.

          5 Nov. 2003               New Music Forum, UCSD.

          17 Sep. 2003              Oberlin College.

          9 May 2003                SPRING 2003 Festival of Music. UCSD.

* Farewell (grief cycles)  (1999-2000) for solo violin doubling viola, with CD accompaniment.

          15 Jun. 2000          June in Buffalo.

          5 May 2000                Tech Concert, UCSD.

          4 Mar. 2000                New Music Forum, UCSD.

Holtranix II: an interactive improvisation for solo MIDI controller and computer   (1997).

          21 Oct. 1997         George Crumb Residency, UGA.

          6 May 1998               Doctoral Composition Recital, UGA.

Holtranix I: an improvisation for soloist and computer (1996-97).

          27 May 1997        Student Composition Recital, UGA.

          5 Sep. 1997              Craig Hultgren in Concert, Birmingham, AL.

Night of Hell: a mini musical drama for computer sound and baritone/tenor voice (1995-96).

          6 May 1996              Masters Composition Recital, UGA.