MUSIC FOR THEATER / MIXED MEDIA (* indicates a commissioned work)

California Tableaux - (full album version in progress) – See PROJECTS menu

           This work in currently being developed to include 16 piece orchestra, 
           pre-recorded sound, spoken word, dance, and video.

California Tableaux - club version (2011) for electric guitar, drum set, string quartet, spoken word, and electronics

                      10 May 2013          In the Flow Festival, Antiquité Maison Privée, Sacramento, CA

           28 Jan. 2011          Guitar Expressions Music Series, Antiquité Maison Privée, Sacramento, CA

         *Take 2  (Summer 2003) for dancers, voices, winds, guitars, and percussion. 

             Sep.-Oct. 2003      The Icehouse, Akron, OH. and Church of St. Peter, Cleveland, OH.