BOOK RELEASE: Instructor's Guide for Musicianship

September 10, 2018

Greetings All, 

I am pleased to announce the release of the first installment of my compendium for musicianship instructors, Instructor's Guide for Musicianship:  Identification and Transcription.  Included in this first installment are the first 15 weekly lesson plans intended for the first-semester course in musicianship (ear training).  Each of the lessons have integrated playback, and exams staged at every fifth week.  Just in time for the beginning of the semester, this compendium should help musicianship instructors be prepared for the first semester or 1.5 quarters.  I plan to release 15 more lesson plans intended for the remainder of academic year in January of 2019.  Then in the fall of 2019, I will release 30 more lesson plans to complete the book.  Sixty lesson plans in all, it will cover an entire two-year sequence of musicianship courses.  For all instructors interested, head over to my website and check out the 'freebies' (front matter and the first three lesson plans) and the PDF download ($25).

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