SOU Interview: Commercial Music Program


  • Audio and Music Production (AMP) I-VI Family of Courses​

    • AMP I - introduction to digital audio recording and editing (mics, signal chain, placement, peripherals, projects, basic song writing / arranging, consumer-line DAWs) - open to all students

    • AMP II -  (ProTools 101) - small track counts, arranging short compositions/sound design/music for film/video, foley, intermediate song writing (modern commercial composition), signal chain, insert sends/receives, bussing, clips groups, exporting media

    • AMP III - (ProTools 110) - larger track sounds, multi-track recording, original composition (advanced song writing, popular orchestration, sound tracking), sound design for longer video projects, on location recording (for film/video), intro to music for gaming

    • AMP IV - Composition for Multimedia / Sound Art - (cross-listed with EMDA 365? - see below)

    • AMP V - Computer Music Composition - spatialization, interactivity, control surfaces Kinesthetics control, programming, Digital Music Performance Applications (live DJ-ing)

    • AMP VI - (Pro Tools 210 ) - multi-track large ensemble recording productions 

    • Commercial Music Performance Ensembles - note: these ensembles/bands would be rehearsed through the Roland HS-5 Session Mixer system, which accommodates an entire quartet or quintet of instruments performing near silently. I envision a large rehearsal space with 3-5 ensembles creating and rehearsing at the same time:

      • Rock/Pop/Soul/Dance​/Country/LantinX/Native/etc. 

      • Fusion Collective (see 'Jazz Program' page)

      • Technology Collective (Laptops, mobile devices)

      • Cover/Tribute Bands

  • Substitute / Cross-List a couple above with EMDA offering

    • TA 242/342

    • EMDA 365 - Sound Art and Experimental Music 


  •  Facilities / Infrastructure / Equipment
    • Digital Audio Workstation Lab - 20-25 stations - All equipped with state of the art computing, peripherals, and controllers
    • Equip all performance & large rehearsal spaces with Network Audio (Dante or similar) 

    • Teach same technology to our students to then run same.

    • Equip all concert performance spades with Digital Camera Array (Sling).

    • Reach out to EMDA for students interested in digital video recording/editing to run video side of things.

  • Future

    • Employ above as a ‘production house’ for the entire department (professional-grade recordings and videos for all ensembles)

    • Turn Program into a recording center for hire - students run it 

    • positive feedback loop to recruiting and retention 


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