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* indicates a commissioned work. 

Music for Theater / Mixed Media 

California Tableaux, an operatic work in progress.
(more about the project here

Incidental music for King Lear (Summer 2009) 

* Take 2 (Summer 2003) for dancers, voices, winds, guitars, and percussion GroundWorks Dance Theater, David Shimotakahara, dir.  

Night of Hell: a mini musical drama for computer sound and baritone/teno voice (1995-96). 

Orchestra and Choir 

* Procession, Consolation, & Jubilation: Three Medieval Songs (1995) for choir, soloists, and small orchestra. Athens Master Chorale, Joseph Napoli, dir.

Choir (a cappella) 

* O Mensche, Gib Acht! - premiere anticipated fall, 2020. Work in progress for mixed choir, computer audio, and socio-multimedia, SACRA/PROFANA, Juan Carlos, dir..

* Peace Ritual and Resonances (2004-2005) for mixed choir. Cappella Gloriana, Steven Sturke & Virginia Sublette, dirs.

* Love...Aspiringly (2002-03) for mixed choir.  Cappella Gloriana, Steven Sturke & Virginia Sublette, dirs.

* Ecce Lignum (1997/2014) for mixed chorus and handbells. Good Shepard

Presbyterian Church Choir, Emily Moon, dir.

Large Chamber Ensemble (with and without choir) 

* Flight and Revelation (2006) for mixed choir and jazz/rock quartet. Upsilon Phi Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, the Epsilon Pi Chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota and the Mostly Live Composers Society of Truman State University

Fear Ego Love (2003-04) for amplified mixed quartet, rock band and chamber choir. 

Eruptive Plains (1999) for winds, percussion and piano. 

Chamber Ensemble (2-7 players) 

* NorCal Water Music (2019) for ensemble and socio-multimedia, Citywater.


* Liminal Spaces (2018) for alto saxophone and guitar (nylon string).  Rhett Bender.

Mixtures~Crossfades~Foci (2013) for two nylon-string guitars 

* 7 collections (2010) for piccolo and piano. Calliope Duo.

* California Dreamin' (2008) for cello, percussion, and piano. Empyrean Ensemble, UC Davis.

Flight and Revelation and Transformation (2007) (mixed sextet and quintet versions) 

Attitudes…Self-reflection (2007) (ensemble versions) 

* Impositions and Consequences (2005-6) (for soprano, tenor saxophone, electric guitar, keyboards contrabass, and drum set.  John Zorn.

* Fear...Ever Present (2003-04) for amplified mixed quartet. Noise Ensemble, San Diego New Music.

* Morpheus (2000-01) for percussion quartet. RedFishBlueFish, Steven Schick, dir.

* Les Tropes sur les préoccupations mentales d’été (2000), for alto flute, bassoon, soprano, tenor, and baritone. Fondation Royaumont.

Triaxis (1998) for violin, guitar, and clarinet (doubling bass clarinet) 

Character Piece (1996) for brass quintet.

Solo with Electronic / Computer / Multimedia

*The End Times Are a'Changin' (2018) for guitar and socio-multimedia accompaniment. Colin McAllister.

20 Mule Team (2008) for solo performer and interactive computer. 

* Farewell: Grief Cycles (2000/08) for violin (doubling viola) and audio playback. Mark Menzies

Attitudes…Self-reflection (Spring 2003) (solo version) for electric guitar and interactive computer.

Holtranix II: an interactive improvisation for solo MIDI controller and computer (1997). 

Holtranix I: an improvisation for soloist and computer (1996-97). 


* Attitudes…Assumptions Shattered (Fall 2002, Summer 2003) for drum kit solo. Morris Palter.

* Dreamstates and Alteregos (1997) for solo soprano saxophone. Scott Turpen

* Three Pieces for Piano (1996). Andrew Santander

Rock Band 

Horse Thieves: ‘Bout Damn Time (2016) for power trio (guitar/voice, bass, and drums)

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