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SOU Interview: Theory & Aural Skills


  • Coordinate and Expand the Theory/Ear Training Sequence Pathways

    • Seamless flow from one course to the next of current sequences

    • Following development/expansion of the Commercial Music Program,
      there could be a separate theory path after the first 3-4 semesters: 

      • Two  “Popular/Contemporary Music Theory” courses

      • separate curriculum and materials

        • modern composition/song writing (forms)

        • jazz harmony

        • improvisation (pop, jazz, world)

        • concomitant Aural Skills classes (see below)

  • Ear Training sequence would incorporate

    • popular/contemporary and global influences at end of the sequence

    • rigorous, online, subscription-based computer assisted learning (Auralia)

    • post-tonal materials

    • popular/commercial music materials (last two semesters)

      • popular music terminology and applications

      • fluency in identification/perception of harmonic materials/progressions

      • application of popular chord symbols. 

  • Composition/Theory Degree under the BM degree paths

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