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SoundOn - ON!

Greetings All!

I am in ear-candy land at the SoundOn festival with Noise! It has been so cool to meet Lei Liang and Sungji Hong, hear their works, and of course the new compositions by my friends Chris Adler and Franklin Cox. The works of Chris Adler and Jason Eckardt were a treat last night (Thursday). Tomorrow night @ 7:30, Colin MacAllister and myself will intone the apocalypse in La Jolla at the Athenaeum with The Times Are a'Changin': fantasia on a theme by Dylan for guitar and socio-multimedia. The second half will encompass Franklin's epic, Parable. Sunday's 2:00 PM concert includes's Lei Liang's gorgeous Aural Hypothesis. If you're near by, come check it out! (image from The End Times...)

Catch a performance here:

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