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NorCal Water Music Premiere: Standing Room Only!

24 hours later: I want to take a moment to express my deep gratitude for a fantastic world premiere of my latest composition, NorCal Water Music, on the last day of the Festival of New American Music at the Crocker Art Museum. My deepest thanks goes out to Citywater (Tim Stanley, Cathie Apple, Milun Doskovic, Ben Prima, Amy Lindsey, and Jennifer Reason) for their hard work and dedication that made the project a total success. I was inspired and humbled to have created an experience for 300 people at the Setzer Foundation Auditorium - the largest audience to ever hear my work in one sitting to date (standing room only!). I felt so supported by family (Vanessa and Karl Sanders came up from LA!), friends, colleagues, and students (so many of you came, thank you!). I'd also like to thank Breannah Gammon, Jonathan Davis, and Rich Wing at the Crocker for helping to make everything look and sound great. I couldn't have captured it all without Joseph Mondok and Gabriel Rivera (audio and video to come soon!). Finally, I thank Bernadette Mondok for the endless encouragement.

For more information about the piece and the larger project of which it is a part, check it out here:

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