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A Busy Windy Month of March: Guest Composer Engagements & Upcoming Performances

(photo: Jonathan Reveles)

I will be breezing up and down the state next week as a guest composer at California State University Long Beach (March 3) and at San Francisco State University (March 5), at the invitation of composers/professors Alan Shockley and Benjamin Sabey, respectively. At these events, I will be speaking about two pieces associated with my Modular Music Project, The End Times Are a'Changin': fantasia on a theme by Dylan for guitar and socio-multimedia and NorCal Water Music for chamber ensemble and socio-multimedia.

Consequently, my long-time duo partner, Colin McAllister will be performing The End Times... on March 3 in Portland, OR @ the Lake Oswego Public Library, and on March 8 in Colorado Springs @ the Benet Hill Monastery (click on purple text for details).

Didn't Catch the the live performance of these? Then, check out these videos:

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