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Happy MUSIXING this Holiday Season

Hi all!

It has been a couple-three months since my last post, because it has has been,...well,... BUSY.

First, an anniversary: Bernadette and I (with bro-in-law, Joseph!) drove over the Syskiyou Pass on December 22 three years ago! Wow, I can't believe it has already been three years!

Second, MUSIX, the student ensemble I direct, released their second full-length album on October 19th. That is our 4th recording: 2 EPs and 2 LPs in three years! We celebrated by playing on the same night at the DoBoer Sculpture Building on the SOU campus. Check it out, and be sure to set your YouTube streaming to 4K to appreciate great cinematography by our Digital Cinema students!:

photo: Marvin Walder

Finally, my students, ever inspired, released their first single. They needed to write and produce a holiday song. So here it is folks: A Very MUSIX Christmas. It is also available on all major streaming platforms:am:

You can follow MUSIX here as well:w:

Looking ahead to 2024, my longtime duo partner, Colin McAllister will be coming to Oregon where we will prepare for our "i5 Mini tour." In early February, we will be performing in Ashland on Feb 2 (at SOU), Sacramento on Feb 3 (at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral), and in Corvallis on Feb 5 (at Odd Fellows Hall) - more news on this to come!

I hope all of you have a blessed holiday season. Enjoy the MUSIXING!


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