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Keller at Soundbox4: A Zoom of One's Own

Greetings All,

Since landing in Ashland just two months ago almost to the day, some of my work has been accepted and will be featured on a couple of virtual art art/media festivals.

This week, 23-25 FEBRUARY (and for the whole week), “Part 1” of my most recent piece, O Mensch, Gib Acht! for choir a socio-multimedia will be featured on SoundBox 4: A Zoom of One’s Own. This year’s virtual festival, directed by Dana Reason, is presented through a partnership between Oregon State University College of Liberal Arts, School of Arts and Communications; and Truckenbrod Gallery & Site of Sound Series. To attend, register (for free!) any of the events below. Once registered, you’ll be on your way to the virtual galleries.

SACRA/PROFANA commissioned the work in 2019, and was set for premiere in late 2020. Since that had to be pushed off, the director, Juan Acosta and I collaborated on the idea of a trailer or short film to promote the piece. You can find the video and more about the Soundbox 4 virtual 3-day festival on their website, which includes dates and times for all the concerts, panel discussions, and virtual galleries - all events are free! You can also watch it on SACRA/PROFANA’s YouTube page. And if interested, you can view and interact with the music the choir sings from the web app.

I humbly thank Dana Reason and the committee for including my take on creating and collaborating through the past angst ridden year. I would also like to thank Juan and Adam Ferrara for a most fruitful collaboration on the video piece of O Mensch…. I can’t wait for the world premiere sometime in 2021 (?….fingers crossed!) - If you can't make it this week, the virtual galleries are open 24/7 starting tomorrow or you can catch O Mensch... here:


Stay tuned for another note altering you to another virtual event in which NorCal Water Music for chamber ensemble and socio-multimedia will be featured at the Oregon Fringe Festival in late April.


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