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Keller @ Oregon Fringe Festival this Week!

Hi All!

As promised, the info for the Oregon Fringe Festival!

The whole festival is gong to be quite the event. You must have a look at the schedule of events/artists - so diverse and so provocative! Check it out here

As for my participation, there are a couple of opportunities to experience.

First, I will be interviewed during a brief segment on the Jefferson Exchange through Jackson Public Radio this coming Thursday, April 28, @ 8am PDT. Listeners can stream the segment live on by choosing the News & Information service stream, or find a station at They can participate in the live program by calling 800-838-3760 or emailing We're also on Facebook and Twitter @JeffExchange.

Then, on Saturday, May 1, at 6:30 pm, I will 'VJ' a remix of my NorCal Water Music, as premiered in November of 2019. Essentially I will be replaying the world premiere as delivered by the inimitable Citywater, but in a completely different order, as I have designed the piece to be modularly. For more about the work and my Modular Music Project, please visit my web page. I would like all of you to participate as well.

During the Interludes, I invite you, the virtual audience to be involved. With your mobile devices at each 'Interlude' (five in total), please choose, view, and listen to a short video with its own soundtrack from this this webpage: At these moments you will will create a stream of motivic foreshadows and echoes between yourself and the virtual performance to create an ebbing, flowing, multidimensional, and sometimes fragile aqua-sonorous musical space.

After the performance, OFF music producer, and Left Edge Percussion's Delaney Armstrong will moderate a live Q&A with my esteemed friends and colleagues Cathie Apple (flutes) and Tim Stanely (Cello) of Citywater.

This event will be entirely virtual/online and FREE. To view and participate, be sure to click here for the access to the event's webpage:


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