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Hi All!

Ok, so the last 9 months have been, crazy town.

As many of you are aware, Bernadette and I moved to Ashland, OR be cause I was offered an Assistant Professorship at Southern Oregon University. I started in January of 2020, with the charge to build out the Music Industry & Production program, which you will see is well underway after 5 (quarter) terms and a summer.

Heres the latest BIG news (other than B and me were married before big g.o.d. on March 19th - which is also pretty huuuugo news!):

The SOU Music Program at the Oregon Center for the Arts will roll the new BA/BS in Music Industry & Production Studies (MIPS) in Fall’22. MIPS is now available to prospective, and current students. SOU features open enrollment with rolling admissions, meaning that any student can enroll at any time and begin pursuing their degree. To apply, go to

To assist students, SOU’s Music Program offers over $160,000 in music scholarships, and

many opportunities for work study and student employment. For more information on

scholarships, go to:, and/or contact Dr. Derek Keller in the Music Program at SOU.

So, please check out what we've been up to this year, and look for our first full LP in the fall! (big release event in the works at Lithia Park!):

The Latest:

MUSIX - Oregon Fringe Festival, April 2022 MUSIX - Jazz in the Park, June 2022 MUSIX - Winter 2022 Selections

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